I am an Engineering Manager with 16+ years of experience in the Web and Apps software engineering space, currently leading a cross-functional team focusing on solving Search experience challenges at Booking.com. I have 12 years background in hands-on software engineering, jumping from freelancing to startup and large-scale organisations. I thrive on projects where UX, Product and Engineering intersect. My goal as a leader is to build an environment where people can do their best work while supporting their growth via mentoring, coaching, feedback and hands-on career development.

During the past 16 years I've:

  • Led cross-functional teams in large-scale organisation, helped hiring and growing engineers and established team processes to match organisational changes.
  • Had the opportunity to work in projects from various product sectors like travel, health, fashion, sport, education, catering and logistics; both as a freelancer or working agile in start-ups and gigantic web companies.
  • Designed and coded from the ground up things like: a chat-commerce platform, a real-time social news aggregator, a web-based native mobile app editor, a medical sw dedicated to external fixation, one of the most visited online Italian dictionary and its mobile app, a custom CMS for e-commerce and more than 15 small to medium websites.
  • Visited a bunch of places, and proudly explored the underwater while scuba diving and high mountains while skiing.

Feel free to drop me a line, or to say hello on LinkedIn. I keep photo memories on Instagram.