Hi, I'm Gabriele and I'm an Engineering Manager at booking.com where I focus on Search. I have 14 years experience in designing and developing for the web - from UI to databases, strong project management skills, a good eye for detail.
I'm also a curious human being, eager to learn and help.

During my last 14 years I've:

  • Had the opportunity to work in projects from various product sectors like medical, fashion, travel, sport, education, catering and logistics; both as a freelancer or working agile in start-ups and gigantic web companies.
  • Designed and coded from the ground up things like: a chat-commerce platform, a real-time social news aggregator, a web-based native mobile app editor, a medical sw dedicated to external fixation, one of the most visited online Italian dictionary and its mobile app, a custom CMS for e-commerce and more than 15 small to medium websites. more details →
  • Worked with this set of keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.js, Node.js, PHP, Elasticsearch, mySQL, NOSQL, Cordova, REST, nginx, scalability, microservices, caching, unix servers, UX, UI, Bash, Git, AWS stack, SEO - and more.
  • Visited a bunch of places and I keep playing basketball (a lot).

Here is a selection of project I much loved working for or still keeping an eye on. I stopped actively freelancing in 2017, when I moved to the beautiful and cloudy Amsterdam.



Since 2012

An emerging online fashion outlet, I've started this project from scratch, builded its custom cms and SEO, designed the website, studied users interactions, etc. I'm still maintaining this website also by giving advices to its employees.

Dizionario di sinonimi e contrari

Sinonimi e Contrari

From 2012 till today

Sinonimi Contrari is one of the most visited online dictionary of synonyms and antonyms in Italy, it helps students and teachers to simplify their works.



Keep rocking since 2014

Zibba is an Italian singer and songwriter, he asked me to redesign his website prior to his first appearance at the 64th Sanremo Italian Music Festival, where he won the Media-TV-Web Prize.




Noisefeed is a real-time social news aggregator, I've builded it from scratch and I'm still maintaining the platform by adding new features on request.

I used to maintain a full list of projects I've worked on, you can still find it here.

Feel free to drop me a line, say hello on LinkedIn or Twitter. I keep photo memories on Instagram.