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i focus on web development and user experience.

I love designing and developing useful web projects to help people simplify their online experience. My passion is travelling and I also love my awesome dog.

I'm currently working as full-stack web developer at Appfactory where I'm taking care of the development of Airshop, the first italian conversational commerce ever.

Personal projects

This is my little contribute on the web

the beach lover paradise


The beach lover paradise

Beachoo.com is an online platform which allows you to find the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every beach presented on Beachoo.com has been checked and mapped by Beachoo staff.

crea il tuo belin di leugo

U Lêugo

Crea il tuo belin di lêugo!

A simple social experiment utilizing the concerns of Genoese people about the 2014 Genova new city logo.

build with Guglielmo Cassinelli, Riccardo Zecchini

Dizionario di sinonimi e contrari

Sinonimi e Contrari

Il dizionario di Sinonimi e Contrari della lingua italiana

An online dictionary of synonyms and antonyms.
sinonimi-contrari is one of the most used online dictionary of synonyms and antonyms in Italy, it helps students and teachers to simplify their works.

build with Guglielmo Cassinelli

Commissioned projects

As a freelancer, I've archived more than 15 web projects. My latest 3 are listed here:



Ci troveremo qui a spartirci pane e libertá

Zibba is a fantastic Italian singer and songwriter, I really like his music. He asked me to redesign its website prior to his first appearance at the 64th Sanremo Italian Music Festival, where he won the Critics' Prize.

Listen to the website free web radio, there's good music there.



Healthy youth, healthy communities

Healthyouth is a 501(C)3 no-profit organization that promote and protect health among youth. It was a pleasure to build its new brand identity.



2012, redesigned in 2014
Women luxury fashion outlet

An emerging online fashion outlet, I've started this project from scratch, builded its custom cms and SEO, designed the website, studied users interactions, etc. I'm still maintaining this website also by giving advices to its employees.

build with Guglielmo Cassinelli

During my past 9 years i've learned to:

Simplify things

Less is more, of course. I always try to remove any element not strictly necessary, I think that simple things are also the most usable.

Think first, code after

My main goal is to satisfy all the stakeholders involved in the project. I think that a good thinker is a better developer, i try to be both as best as i can.

Handcraft code

I always start my new projects from scratch, building both the design and the architecture together. Over the last years i've came across many frameworks, but i decided to build my own. This gives me flexibility and fast results.

Work in a group

I consider myself a good observer, this gives me a good overall view of the project in which I am involved. I also have worked in task groups on assignments and this enabled me to develop skills in team working.

Design for mobile

Mobile phones and tablets are rapidly growing, setting new records every year. I can develop both responsive website or mobile Applications, focusing on simplicity and usability.

Analyze social interactions

Social networks are everywhere, i really like to experimenting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using their API's i can build different kind of services and website. you can see some example here.

Feel free to drop me a line, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter

e-mail: me[at]gabrielefusi.com